Whistleblower - Taylor Scott Amarel

If you come to this site you have likely searched for information pertaining to Taylor Scott Amarel, a serial financial and political whistleblower. While this site can not host any of the sensitive documents exposed, it can point you in the right direction. Based of now-censored information, discussions, and disclosures in 2016, Taylor Scott Amarel has reported terabytes of fraud information to various authorities and journalists, much of which is the backbone of political stories breaking today. The information includes:

  • Information on financial fraud and wrongdoing committed by Kushner (referred to as "Special K") and his network of real estate companies;
  • Information regarding Tony Rodham's involvement in fraudulent investment schemes;
  • Ponzi schemes and embezzlement of over $3 billion dollars;
  • Illegal business and sales practices employed by major banks, including Wells Fargo & Company, and extending throughout the industry;
  • Document forgery, bribery, and illegal financial relationships with foreign entities by major US politicians;
  • Etc.
You can conduct a number of Google searches for this information, however, it has become hard to come by as 8Chan and 4Chan were hacked causing information loss and the majority of websites on the deepweb that hosted this information have been taken down in directed hacked. As you can see, very powerful people want to smother and whitewash the reporting of this information and have had some success.

To ensure the disclosure of this information and the transparency of our society, I would invite you to research this further and file any FOIA/PA requests that you feel with shed more light on the issues.

Associate of Taylor Scott Amarel